FAQs - The Application Process

  • After I've paid the costs involved and signed the contract, what happens next?

    DeDe's Rentals manages many, but not all, of the properties that we represent for rental. During the application and acceptance process, we will be sure to indicate whether your continuing relationship is going to be with the staff at DeDe's Rentals, or whether the property owner will be your primary connection after the contract has been signed. If you will be paying rent to the owner and contacting them for any future concerns, we'll be certain to provide you with all necessary contact information.
  • Are there any restrictions on the breed of animals permissible at our rental properties?

    Many properties have limitations on the type, size or number of pets that will be considered. Notwithstanding size limitations, there are certain dog breeds that will not be considered. The list of dog breeds that would prevent an applicant from having their pet accepted is consistent with the breeds that would prevent a pet owner from being able to obtain insurance, including the following breeds: Akita, Alaskan Malamute, chow chow, Doberman pinscher, German shepherd, American pit bull terrier, Presa Canario, Rottweiler, Siberian husky, Staffordshire bull terrier and wolfdogs, also known as wolf hybrids. Lists of restricted or "dangerous" dogs also include animals that are mixed with any of the aforementioned breeds.
  • Are there any restrictions related to non-resident guarantors (ie co-signers)?

    It is the discretion of each particular owner whether they will or will not accept cosigners. In those instances when a cosigner is possible, there are certain limitations. The cosigner must be a homeowner, residing in one of a specific group of counties, either in or in immediate proximity to Sonoma County. Cosigner must be able to document sufficient income stability to assure financial ability to pay tenant’s rent without duress. Even in instances where there are multiple tenants in residence, only one cosigner will be considered – in other words, there cannot be two or more cosigners, each responsible for a limited aspect of tenant performance.
  • How can I arrange to see the interior of any available property?

    Many of our properties are now equipped with a high-tech “at your convenience” showing system. With a smartphone and a major credit card, you can enroll through Rently, our affiliate provider. You will receive a special code allowing you one-time access to see the specific property. There are certain properties which do not qualify for Rently, please call our office to schedule viewing of those properties or to obtain more information.
  • How is the amount of the security deposit calculated?

    Like the interest rate you would pay for a car loan or a mortgage, the amount of your security deposit is closely linked to the information obtained from your application. The majority of applicants will qualify for a security deposit amounting to 1.5 x rent. Example: a $1,500.00/mo rental would typically have a security deposit of $2,250.00. In exceptional instances, however, the security deposit can potentially be as low as the amount of the rent PLUS $200.00. To explain more clearly, a $1,500.00/mo rental property could have a security deposit requirement of only $1,700.00. However, this rate is reserved for applicants whose credit is exemplary, and whose employment and tenancy history is complete, without significant gaps or flaws, and objectively verifiable without difficulty. For applicants with complications in any one of the factors used to determine risk-worthiness, the security deposit would be reflected accordingly. In some instances, where the property owner is willing to accept risks associated with an applicant whose risk-worthiness is objectively problematic, the security deposit could be higher than 1.5 x rent. Also, if the property owner is willing to accept one or more pets, the security deposit would automatically be increased. However, under no circumstances would the amount of the security deposit exceed two times the quoted monthly rent for an unfurnished residence.
  • If I submit an application, how soon will I know if I have been accepted?

    DeDe's Rentals makes every effort to have an initial evaluation and response available for you within three to five business days. Our ability to confirm your provided references and other information is crucial to the speed of our ability to qualify your application. If you haven't yet heard back from us within 96 hours, please feel free to contact us.
  • If I'm interested in any properties available through DeDe's Rentals, what do I do first?

    This website is one of your best primary resources. It includes detailed entries on properties presently ready to rent. Typically, along with a wealth of other useful information, each listed property has detailed driving directions. We encourage you to drive by the advertised property, to determine whether the residence and surrounding neighborhood appear to meet your needs. If you decide you'd like to view the inside, check the "Open Houses" listed on the main page of this website. There may already be a planned showing of the property that will fit into your schedule. If there is an existing Open House planned, but it is not at a convenient time for you, or if there's not yet an appointment set, call or visit our office. we'll do our best to arrange a viewing tour for you as promptly as possible.
  • I've seen the interior and want to apply. What is required?

    Each intended adult resident (18+) needs to complete a separate application, providing all information requested. Underage co-occupants can be listed as such on an adult's application, and do not require an independent application submission. The processing fee is $30.00 for each individual adult applicant or co-signer. In order to ensure equal treatment and security for each applicant, DeDe's associates do not accept applications at the time of "open house" showings or by fax; applications should be personally delivered to our office at Coddingtown Center during normal business hours. DeDe's application process is guided by our "Policies and Procedures," referenced under "Rental Resources" elsewhere on this website.
  • Once I've been accepted, what happens next?

    Once you've been notified of acceptance, you will be required to provide a "holding deposit." This deposit is applied toward the total costs of moving into the property you've chosen. You will need to sign a preliminary "Deposit to Hold" agreement, which will clarify the steps and obligations involved in finalizing the rental transaction. We will also need copies of pay statements and/or income verification documents at this time.
  • Should I be aware of any concerns or issues associated with the website?

    Our website is designed and constructed to be as informative and "user friendly" as possible, including the publication of anticipated open houses scheduled for the near future. However, in trying to provide consistent customer service for so many individual applicants, circumstances interfere with "perfect" execution of showings. Our "Open House" appointments are set with reasonable expectations in mind, regarding our showing specialist's ability to maintain a sensible travel schedule throughout the day. However, traffic or other delays may interfere with the exact and prompt start time of any specific showing; we ask for your patience if the DeDe's associate is "running late." Additionally, there are instances when, even after an appointment has been made, the specific property is reclassified as "no longer available," either because the property has been rented or removed from the market. In those instances, the actual property may be posted with a notice on the front door, indicating the change in status. In addition, we will remove the showing from our "Open House" listings and attempt to call everyone who may have left us a contact phone number in reference to that showing. Please be aware that property availability status can change rapidly; we encourage you to check our website and listings often, or call a DeDe's associate for recent availability and showing schedule changes.
  • What will my rental contract include as far as terms and conditions?

    Each contract is custom-created to suit the needs of the resident, owner, and individual property involved. Some contract terms and conditions are found within the details of each advertised listing; for example, you'll be able to identify whether the rental contract will be month-to-month or on a fixed term by reading information provided elsewhere on this website. Other terms are "standard contract provisions"; for example, one important clause stipulates that tenants are not to alter any property unless granted prior approval by the landlord. Some contract clauses are mandated by federal or state requirements - lead-based paint disclosures, Megan's Law notifications, and Proposition 65 advisories are included by statute. A sample rental contract is available in our office, if you would like to preview a "typical" agreement. However, mock-up contracts will never be absolutely identical to any genuine contract created on your behalf. Ask a DeDe's representative if you have any questions.
  • Why is DeDe's website address burned onto rental pictures?

    There have always been criminals looking to separate honest individuals from their hard-earned money. The capabilities of the internet have expanded opportunities for theft, raising scams to complex new heights. In early 2006, DeDe's was astounded to discover that at least four of our individual listings had been "hijacked" by one or more hackers. These criminals had lifted pictures, descriptions and enough general information to create and post falsified listings on nationally-known rental databases. The basic information was mostly accurate, the pictures matched the actual property, but the rent requested was always ridiculously low. The con artists used this "bait" to lure unsuspecting applicants into wiring thousands of dollars (the alleged "security deposit") to an off-shore location, using an almost plausible cover story to lower applicant defenses.

    DeDe's was able to remove those four specific, falsified listings. However, there's no doubt that there will be future attempts. By burning our website address into our photos, we hope to lessen the likelihood of similar "thefts." However, to our potential applicants, we cannot stress highly enough: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It's unlikely you will find a 4 bedroom house offered at $1250, for example. In addition, NEVER put down any "significant" amount of money on a property that you have not seen personally! DeDe's has worked hard for years to gain and retain the trust of our clients and customers. We are committed to doing our part to make your internet "home-shopping" experience safe and satisfying, wherever you find youself.
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