The process of finding high quality homes throughout Santa Rosa and Sonoma County can be stressful. We at DeDe’s Rentals are dedicated to making the application process seamless and easy.

Application Process

A step by step guide through our rental application process.

Policies and Procedures

Our standard process guideline ensures that properties managed are maintained in a manner that protects the quality of the dwellings and of the neighborhoods.

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Responsive and Proactive Maintenance

When there’s a routine maintenance issue that needs a repair or replacement, we want to know about it right away. Deferred and unreported maintenance only increase the risk of expensive repairs and may leave you unable to enjoy your home.

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Use our online form to request help, and if it’s an emergency like a flood or a fire – get in touch with us on our 24-hour phone number as soon as you are safely able to do so.

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Exceptional Communication and Support

We won’t leave your phone calls unanswered or your messages unreturned. You can expect your property manager and our entire staff to be accessible and available. We’re responsive, and we’ll be willing to talk to you anytime you have a question or a concern.

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Service-Oriented Leasing and Management

Our residents trust us to help them settle into a home that’s safe, comfortable, and well-maintained. When you’re looking for a new place to call home, we’ll talk about our available properties and discuss your preferred neighborhoods. We want you to be happy where you’re living

Helping You Find Your New Home



During this initial stage, you’ll attempt to narrow your search, using the internet and other resources.

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Do you have a preferred town or community you want to live in? How many bedrooms and baths do you need? Apartment, condo, or freestanding home? One-level or townhouse? What’s your rent budget? From the dozens of properties that may be available, likely only a handful will really suit your needs.



Narrowing your search even further, you want to physically tour those properties you’re genuinely interested in.

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Many important details can’t be properly qualified through advertising, and should be evaluated personally. What’s the surrounding neighborhood like? Is it lively? Quiet? Remote? What about the residence itself? Are the fixtures, cabinetry and appliances suitable for your needs? Does the “flow” of the layout work, and will your furniture fit in the space provided? Is there enough storage? What about parking? Take your time during this process; be brutally honest in your evaluation. Don’t forget to bring your tape measure.



After your research and evaluation, you’ve hopefully found just the right place to call home.

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Once you’ve reached this point, you will probably need to organize and prepare a lot of information and documentation. Housing is costly; in Sonoma County, the typical home is valued at more than $500,000. Responsible and considerate homeowners are definitely prepared to entrust their home to your care, but are justified in requiring objective, verifiable details regarding your financial and residential history. This information will help them make an informed acceptance; the more forthcoming and thorough you are in providing documentation requested, the easier it will be for the housing provider to make a prompt decision.



If you’ve provided the information and documentation requested, the application process should be fairly straightforward.

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Responsible housing providers typically have written, established screening criteria that they refer to as their benchmark. You may be required to have a minimum credit score. Your monthly income – legal and objectively verifiable – will likely need to meet a minimum amount, usually a multiple of the monthly rent. If you’ve previously been a renter, prior tenancy is often an important indicator of potential behavior in the future. Barring unforeseen delays, most housing providers are usually able to complete application screening within three to five days.



Congratulations! You’ve been informed by the homeowner or property manager that your application has been accepted! But the property may still be marketed as “available for rent.”

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There’s typically nothing unusual about this apparent contradiction; until the housing provider is confident that their “first choice” has been confirmed, they likely don’t want to ignore other applicants that may still be interested. If you’ve been accepted, the property manager will likely insist that you promptly commit to renting the property by putting down a substantial “deposit to hold.” This may be any amount from a few hundred dollars up to the full combined total of security deposit and rent due. Any “deposit to hold” should be applicable to the actual costs of move-in once you’ve executed the rental contract.



Rental contracts typically also function as a receipt for funds received, so it’s expected that the homeowner will require ALL move-in moneys be paid prior to executing the rental contract.

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The contract itself is filled with detail, and is the foundation upon which the landlord-tenant relationship will be built. Every 18+ resident should expect to sign the contract individually. Most tenant commitments are considered to be “joint and several” obligations, meaning that each resident residing in the home agrees to be fully responsible for the performance of the contract. It’s important to take your time and read the contract thoroughly. Once the rental contract has been signed by each intended resident and countersigned by the owner/agent… congratulations! It’s time to get moving!

As a real estate broker, I have worked with many management companies, and none compare to DeDe’s Rentals. Keith Becker is a true professional who is a leader and ally in the real estate investment community. His knowledge and enthusiasm for rental properties are beyond compare. All of his associates have the same degree of professionalism. They handle each issue (and there are many) in a fair and timely manner. I would never think of using anyone else for my investment property.


We have been working with DeDe’s Rentals for a few years now. We have been very happy with their level of knowledge and service. Keith has been so knowledgeable, accessible, and responsive. We recently completed an improvement project on our rental unit. We worked with Ariel throughout the process and she was great! She walked us through all our options and saw the process through attentively from beginning to end. We are very happy to be working with Dede’s.


Frequently Asked Questions

After I've paid the costs involved and signed the contract, what happens next?

DeDe’s Rentals manages many, but not all, of the properties that we represent for rental. During the application and acceptance process, we will be sure to indicate whether your continuing relationship is going to be with the staff at DeDe’s Rentals, or whether the property owner will be your primary connection after the contract has been signed. If you will be paying rent to the owner and contacting them for any future concerns, we’ll be certain to provide you with all necessary contact information.

Are there any restrictions on the breed of animals permissible at our rental properties?

Many properties have limitations on the type, size or number of pets that will be considered. Notwithstanding size limitations, there are certain dog breeds that will not be considered. The list of dog breeds that would prevent an applicant from having their pet accepted is consistent with the breeds that would prevent a pet owner from being able to obtain insurance, including the following breeds: Akita, Alaskan Malamute, chow chow, Doberman pinscher, German shepherd, American pit bull terrier, Presa Canario, Rottweiler, Siberian husky, Staffordshire bull terrier and wolfdogs, also known as wolf hybrids. Lists of restricted or “dangerous” dogs also include animals that are mixed with any of the aforementioned breeds.

Are there any restrictions related to non-resident guarantors (ie co-signers)?

It is the discretion of each particular owner whether they will or will not accept cosigners. In those instances when a cosigner is possible, there are certain limitations. The cosigner must be a homeowner, residing in one of a specific group of counties, either in or in immediate proximity to Sonoma County. Cosigner must be able to document sufficient income stability to assure financial ability to pay tenant’s rent without duress. Even in instances where there are multiple tenants in residence, only one cosigner will be considered – in other words, there cannot be two or more cosigners, each responsible for a limited aspect of tenant performance.

How can I arrange to see the interior of any available property?

Many of our properties are now equipped with a high-tech “at your convenience” showing system. With a smartphone and a major credit card, you can enroll through Rently, our affiliate provider. You will receive a special code allowing you one-time access to see the specific property. There are certain properties which do not qualify for Rently, please call our office to schedule viewing of those properties or to obtain more information.


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Already a Resident? Check Out How We Can Help Existing Residents

When your lease period is about to end and you think you might need more space or less space or a new neighborhood or a shorter commute to work or a different school district – we can help. DeDe’s Rentals manages high quality homes throughout Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. We’ll help you pick a new home that fits your needs and your lifestyle.

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Current Residents

Current residents can find nearly everything they need online. We provide an online rental payment system as well as an electronic maintenance request form. Our resident portals are also full of valuable information, from utility contact numbers to instructions on how to move out of a home and get the full security deposit returned. Information is power, and we like our residents to be informed.

What People Are Saying About Us

Nov 4, 2022
Google - Alan - Dede's Rentals
DeDe's has done an excellent job working with my mother's rental house. Keith and staff helped tenants with Fed/CA/SonCo reimbursement programs, to everyone's satisfaction. They do a thorough job of keeping us informed.
Sep 2, 2022
Google - Mike - Dede's Rentals
I have been with DeDe's for many years, their attention to detail, their professionalism, in my experience is second to none.
Jun 5, 2022
Google - Kasilmom - Dede's Rentals
We have been using Dede's Rentals for many years now, and are extremely satisfied with their services. I must say that they have been incredibly responsive during these difficult times in which we find ourselves. Researching new law, propositions, etc. and giving information and suggestions. I would never consider another agency!
Jun 5, 2022
Google - Mary - Dede's Rentals
I have been renting a condo from DeDe's Rentals for 10 years. Whenever there is a problem (which is rare) all I have to do is go to their portal and report what the problem is. It is handled very quickly by reliable and skilled professionals. Actually several years ago the water heater decided to leak profusely and it replaced that evening. The property managers are knowledgeable and very nice as is management. I highly recommend DeDe's Rentals
May 24, 2022
Google - Lee - Dede's Rentals
More than a taquera 😋

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