What We Do For Our Sonoma County Owners

For fifty years, DeDe’s Rentals has been the industry leader for real estate property management services in Santa Rosa and throughout Sonoma County.

We provide you with more time and less worry: We help both housing providers and those who live in those properties – offering safe, well-maintained homes to our residents, and providing owners with freedom and peace of mind, knowing their real estate investment is under capable and responsible stewardship.

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Areas We Serve

Sonoma County and the surrounding communities, including Santa Rosa, Windsor, Oakmont, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Healdsburg, and Sebastopol.

Our Pricing

We provide transparent and understandable pricing for the standalone leasing and comprehensive management services you need. 


Sonoma County Property Management Services


Marketing and Advertising

Effective marketing and advertising for available properties, minimizing downtime between tenancies.


Application Process

A robust application process, allowing us to attract, screen and select the best tenants.


Rental Agreements

A solid, well-constructed rental agreement built to clearly establish resident responsibilities and protect our clients’ assets.



Capable, ethical, competitively-priced vendors for every need.


Knowledge and Expertise

A knowledgeable, professional team, capable of resolving issues from the monumental to the mundane.



Consistent communication, keeping owners informed of important developments affecting their investment.



A company-wide commitment to well-established systems and procedures allowing us to deliver consistently reliable customer service. In addition, commitment to industry education, including awareness of the latest regulations and trends affecting California residents and housing providers.



Technological support and software, providing secure online access to reports, such as easy-to-understand accounting and financial reporting, electronic delivery of owner proceeds, and ease of communication with your property management team.


Screening Services You Can Trust

Being a landlord can be distressing. What if your property doesn’t rent? What if you rent to someone who turns out to be irresponsible? What if your resident is difficult to work with? If you make the wrong decision, you could end up with a multitude of problems: months of unpaid rent, endless complaints from residents and neighbors, a damaged property that’s expensive to repair, or even threat of legal action.

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We understand how scary it can be. We can help. Over the course of many years, we’ve identified a successful “owner/resident relationship” as the result of three intentional processes: (1) finding good residents, (2) creating a solid, enforceable rental contract, and (3) following through – maintaining the professional relationship that was originally established. Our tenant placement services are designed to maximize rental income, minimize vacancy downtime and deliver peace of mind. We have a comprehensive screening process, a checklist to ensure we’re compliant with fair housing and other laws, and a detailed, efficient method for evaluating applications and choosing the best resident. Our rental contracts are constantly updated to stay current and compliant with ever-changing laws and regulations, along with instituting industry “best practices.” We’ll save you money on vacancy costs and we’ll help you avoid the headaches a bad resident can cause. Our professional Santa Rosa property management service is designed to make your life easier. We help housing providers in every Santa Rosa neighborhood, including Bennett Valley, Rincon Valley, and Montgomery Village.
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Maintaining and Managing Your INVESTMENT PROPERTY

The approach DeDe’s Rentals takes to Santa Rosa property management is streamlined and standardized, allowing our team to deliver consistent, quality results for each and every client. We have established processes for the simplest decisions and the most complex challenges.

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By maintaining such an approach, our clients, our residents, our vendors and our team members all know what sort of results they can rely upon, no matter what unique situations might arise.While our management services are highly organized, we know no two rental properties are identical, no two have exactly the same needs. Even within our systematic management framework, we’re able and willing to customize services so that your particular necessities are identified and addressed.The ongoing management services we traditionally provide include rent collection, resident communications, and contract enforcement. We also help with budget planning, regular and emergency repairs, and advice about property improvements and upgrades.We help you maintain organized and transparent financial reporting as well. We’re prepared to pay your mortgage, homeowner association dues, insurance and tax payments. Our services are designed to provide value and efficiency, no matter how complex your real estate portfolio happens to be.We manage rental homes in all Santa Rosa neighborhoods, including Oakmont and Memorial Hospital.

Protecting Your INTERESTS

One of the factors that most distinguishes DeDe’s Rentals from other Sonoma County property management setups is our dedication to property management as an industry, as a “field of study.” We’re active in numerous local, state, and national industry organizations.

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We believe in continuing our professional development, staying involved, and staying educated so we can deliver high quality services to the investors who count on us. We serve as stewards for your real estate investment, and we fight to protect your interests against constantly-encroaching governmental and bureaucratic regulations. If you have an investment question or you’re concerned about fair housing, rent control, or any other possible legislation, talk to us. We’ll tell you what we know and what we anticipate, and we’ll share some of the strategies we employ to help you stay one step ahead in this ever-changing industry. Providing investment advice for rental property owners in zip codes 95403, 95405, 95409, and surrounding areas. Where is your Sonoma County rental property? We’d love to share some thoughts on how to increase its performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I receive the net proceeds, and when will I receive monthly statements?

As long as your particular trust account has funds to release, you can reasonably expect to receive net proceeds from DeDe’s Rentals once a month. CONTRACTUALLY, we affirm that we’ll release payments on or by the 15th of the month. Historically, we’ve made every effort to release funds on the 12th or 13th, depending on the calendar and bank holidays.

What financial obligations can DeDe’s pay on my behalf?

For some of our clients, we pay condominium association dues, insurance policy premiums, mortgage payments, even property taxes. We’re equipped and prepared to pay almost any obligation that directly relates to the costs and keeping of your investment.

How do I get the best rent for my property?

Your property manager will be able to help guide you through that process, in order to prepare and promote your property at its most desirable. It’s an unfortunate fact that your OPERATING COSTS on any property do not have any reflection to what the RENT VALUE will be. Market rent is determined by many factors: time of year, age of the property, condition of the property, even how many other rental units are available at a given time. It’s always going to be our goal to rent your property at an attractive price, within a reasonable period of time, to qualified residents.

What is the eviction process?

Evictions are actually rare, but given our many years of experience, we know well how to navigate the process.

Evictions, also known as Unlawful Detainers or UDs, may be instituted for financial or behavioral violations of the rental contract. Unpaid rent is the most predominant type of FINANCIAL eviction. Behavioral violations could be any of a variety of breaches, but are often much harder to prove and prosecute than unpaid rent.

Your management team will typically handle any initial steps without contacting or disrupting you. A resident who has not paid rent will be served with a “3-Day Notice to Pay Rent.” A resident who has some other behavioral issue will be sent one or more written violation notices, which may include a formal “3-Day Notice to Cure.”

Only if the resident doesn’t correct the behavior within the allowed time would we contact you - because if they FIX it, they’ve done what was requested. There’s no great reason to concern you if we’ve successfully resolved a problem.

If the resident DOESN’T correct the behavior, if they don’t pay the rent, if they don’t remove the unapproved co-tenant (for example), we will promptly contact you and discuss strategy. It is rarely to your advantage to take these types of situations lightly. One month unpaid rent can quickly compound; bad behavior can conceivably get worse, impacting adjacent neighbors, your rental property, and even your legal liability.

If it’s appropriate to proceed, and with your approval, we’d act as your advocate, interacting with attorneys, representing you in court proceedings, keeping you fully informed, and effectively treating the case as if it were our own property being impacted.

NOTE: At the time of this posting, there are statewide regulations related to COVID-19, which severely limit your ability to institute most evictions. In such instances, we will STILL do our best to protect your interests.

Do I have to allow pets at my property?

The simple answer to this question is “no.” But there is a much more complicated answer, which may give you reason to reconsider.

Anecdotally, approximately 30-35% of housing providers will allow pets. But as great a percentage as 65% of residents (both renters and owner-occupied) HAVE pets, mostly either cats or dogs. If you refuse to allow ANY pets, you could be severely restricting the pool of otherwise-qualified applicants who might be interested in your home.

We subscribe to an internet-based software solution to help us screen pets, and to help us establish whether any individual animal - based on breed, age, weight, vaccination history, prior behavior - is a heightened risk. We’ve established a “sliding scale” of increased security deposits, based on the specific results of this screening. The process has allowed us to, in some instances, be much more accommodating with pets, while still protecting your interests.


Not withstanding, you may still be disinclined to accept pets, and you are within your rights to do so. However, there are specific classifications of animals that are NOT considered “pets;” you cannot refuse a resident to have one of these animals even if you have a “no pets” policy. Whether identified as “service,” “assistance,” “companion,” “emotional support,” or any similar term, a resident’s right to have one of these particular animals is protected by the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. A housing provider can’t refuse permission, can’t increase rent, and can’t increase the security deposit to offset real or perceived risk.

We’ve had plenty of experience with these types of animals, and the variety of documentation that residents provide to support their pet’s classification as an “assistance” animal. Honestly, there has been rampant fraud in this arena; it’s not fair, because people who genuinely DO need assistance or companion animals are often distrusted and discriminated against, due to the behavior of those who are unjustly trying to take advantage.

Fortunately, the same internet-based software solution that helps us screen applicant pets ALSO has been tremendously effective at differentiating between valid and inappropriate requests for assistance animal accommodations. Modern problems require modern solutions.

Who maintains the smoke alarms?

This is becoming less of a concern as the months and years pass. In 2014, California passed a law requiring all newly-installed smoke detectors to be equipped with 10-year non-replaceable batteries. The initial implementation of this law did not require all detectors to be immediately replaced; only those that were inoperable had to be switched for the new design. However, the “classic”-style smoke detector has a functional lifespan of 7-10 years. We recommend that any classic-style detectors be replaced when the next reasonable opportunity arises.

With the new 10-year detectors, there is no longer a concern about “maintenance.” We have all been trained with the strategy to replace batteries twice a year, when we adjusted our clocks. That’s no longer necessary. However, residents SHOULD be reminded to inform the owner promptly in the event that any smoke detector fails to function properly, whether it’s a new or old model. Almost every detector comes with factory recommendations to test on a monthly basis; residents should also be reminded that this monthly chore IS their responsibility.


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Single-Family Homes in Sonoma County

Single-family homes in well-established neighborhoods always make great real estate investments. We’ll place residents who can be counted on to pay the rent, help maintain your property and follow the terms of the lease agreement.

What Types of Properties Do We Manage?

DeDe’s Rentals has extensive experience, managing all variety of residential real estate for investors of every experience level. Whether this is your first opportunity renting out a home or you’re a long-term investor continuing to build a profitable real estate portfolio, we can help you ensure a more successful experience.

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Multi-Family Homes in Sonoma County

Multi-family homes can be great long-term investments because they typically protect you against lengthy vacancy losses and your per-unit maintenance costs are usually less. If you are an investor holding a multi-unit portfolio, you want to be certain your property management team is up-to-date on rental housing laws, which tend to have a greater impact on multi-unit investments. That’s one of the areas where DeDe’s Rentals shines brightest - we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of changing laws, and protecting the rights of both residents and owners.

Ariel is an absolute pleasure to work with. I have been renting from DeDe’s for over 2x years now and Ariel has been super responsive, helpful, personal and awesome. She has made our experience renting from DeDe’s very memorable and easy over these years.


I had a great experience with Dede’s Rentals. I worked with Ana and she is amazing! She is available and prompt when answering any of my questions. She was very professional throughout the entire process and made sure everything went smoothly. Overall, great experience and I would recommend working with them. Thanks!


Free Rental Analysis

The Santa Rosa rental market can be complex and challenging. When pricing your property for rent, you want to consider the age of your unit, the overall condition, your competition – what other properties are on the market right now – and where we are in the cycle of supply and demand. We track the changing details of the local rental market closely and consistently. We know what good quality residents are willing to pay, and we know how to help you prepare your rental for an efficient, successful marketing campaign.

Ask us for a rental analysis. We’ll do a thorough analysis of your property, your neighborhood, and the likely ways that present market influences might impact the desirability of your rental.

Get Free Rental Analysis

Providing Property Management Services to the Communities of Sonoma County

Our property management services are focused on the many communities of Sonoma County, including Santa Rosa, Windsor, Oakmont, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Healdsburg, and Sebastopol.


Santa Rosa




Rohnert Park



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What People Are Saying About Us

Nov 4, 2022
Google - Alan - Dede's Rentals
DeDe's has done an excellent job working with my mother's rental house. Keith and staff helped tenants with Fed/CA/SonCo reimbursement programs, to everyone's satisfaction. They do a thorough job of keeping us informed.
Sep 2, 2022
Google - Mike - Dede's Rentals
I have been with DeDe's for many years, their attention to detail, their professionalism, in my experience is second to none.
Jun 5, 2022
Google - Kasilmom - Dede's Rentals
We have been using Dede's Rentals for many years now, and are extremely satisfied with their services. I must say that they have been incredibly responsive during these difficult times in which we find ourselves. Researching new law, propositions, etc. and giving information and suggestions. I would never consider another agency!
Jun 5, 2022
Google - Mary - Dede's Rentals
I have been renting a condo from DeDe's Rentals for 10 years. Whenever there is a problem (which is rare) all I have to do is go to their portal and report what the problem is. It is handled very quickly by reliable and skilled professionals. Actually several years ago the water heater decided to leak profusely and it replaced that evening. The property managers are knowledgeable and very nice as is management. I highly recommend DeDe's Rentals
May 24, 2022
Google - Lee - Dede's Rentals
More than a taquera 😋

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