Sebastopol Homes For Rent

Serving Sebastopol and Other Communities in Sonoma County

The need for homes in Santa Rosa and surrounding communities is great. We at DeDe's Rentals are dedicated to providing sensible and fairly-priced housing solutions. In this time of uncertainty, it is our goal to maintain THIS page as the most accurate source of information on our inventory. While other sites (Zillow, Trulia, etc) might indicate a property is presently available to rent, that is not always correct. Please review the database provided below for active status – “available” or “application pending” - of our present offerings. (scroll below listings for more useful information)

THE FOLLOWING APPLIES TO ALL LISTINGS ADVERTISED BY DEDE’S RENTALS: All listing information provided herein is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Unless otherwise specified, all available properties are "non-smoking." Unless otherwise specified, any provided appliances are considered "as is," with the exception of stoves, ovens and dishwashers. Any square footage measurements are estimates only. Any security deposit quotes are approximations only; actual security and increased deposit for pets are dependent upon individual applicant qualifications and circumstances. A sample rental contract will be made available for review upon request; the actual terms of each rental contract are customized to the specific tenant, client and property.