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When your lease period is about to end and you think you might need more space or less space or a new neighborhood or a shorter commute to work or a different school district – we can help. DeDe’s Rentals manages high quality homes throughout Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. We’ll help you pick a new home that fits your needs and your lifestyle.

While we certainly hope your home suits your every need, circumstances change. Maybe you need more space, maybe less. Maybe you need to move to a different school district, a different community or a shorter commute. If your needs change, let us know. We can help. DeDe’s Rentals manages high quality homes throughout Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. We’ll help you pick a new home that fits your needs and your lifestyle.

Log Into Your Resident Portal

As long as you’ve registered a unique email address, each resident is provided the opportunity to establish their own resident portal, where they can conveniently and securely pay rent, submit maintenance and repair requests, access online resources and send messages to the property management team.

Pay Rent Here

Life happens. People get busy, unplanned events demand your immediate attention. We know how easy it can be to forget to pay rent. But then maybe you’re faced with a late fee, or urgent phone calls, or written notices for unpaid balances. We make it easy to avoid those extra fees with our online rental payment system, which is secure and efficient.

Utilities Information

Your rental contract identifies almost everything you might encounter as a tenant, including who pays for utilities. There are residences where one or more utilities are included. Some require the tenant to establish accounts for ALL utilities and services.

Pet Application

Many of our rental properties are pet-friendly. All of our properties accept properly-qualified assistance and service animals. However, before you move your furry friend in, make sure you’ve crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s. We use an independent third-party service to help establish our pet screening practices.


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Responsive and Proactive Maintenance

As long as you’ve registered a unique email address, each resident is provided the opportunity to establish their own resident portal, where they can conveniently and securely pay rent, submit maintenance and repair requests, access online resources and send messages to the property management team.

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Exceptional Communication and Support

We won’t ignore your phone calls or leave voicemail messages and emails unreturned. You can expect your property manager and our entire staff to be accessible and available. We’re responsive, and we’re prepared and available to talk with you anytime you have a question or a concern.

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Service-Oriented Leasing and Management

Our residents trust us to help them settle into a home that’s safe, comfortable, and well-maintained. When you’re looking for a new place to call home, we’ll talk about our available properties and discuss your needs. We want you to be happy where you’re living.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow pets in your rental properties?

DeDe’s Rentals is known for often being more accepting of pets at our properties than some other firms in Sonoma County. However, the decision to allow pets – of any particular species, breed, size, age – is always established by the individual property owner.

We recognize that “assistance” animals (which may be known by a variety of similar terms) are not considered pets, and by law, ANY property is going to accept a properly-qualified assistance animal from a properly-qualified applicant.

We use a third-party internet-based screening service to help us establish whether or not to accept any particular pet at those properties that DO consider pets. This same service allows us to establish a reasonable formula for increased deposits associated with the acceptance of pets. Most importantly, this service helps us properly screen and identify “assistance animals,” so we remain legally compliant with ADA and the Fair Housing Act. You can find more information on our pet screening process

How much is the security deposit and can I pay it in installments?

By law, the security deposit for an unfurnished rental in California can be no more than 2 times the rent. Our formula for determining security deposits is primarily based on two factors: the combined FICO2 credit score of applicants PLUS an increase, if appropriate, for an approved pet. The amount of the security deposit could be as low as approximately 1.25 times rent, up to a maximum of 2 times rent. You can find more information on credit scores and security deposits .

Can you pay in installments? When we’re screening applicants for risk, we do consider whether you’ll be able and prepared to promptly honor financial obligations that come due. Being unable or unwilling to pay the full security deposit at the time of move-in is certainly cause for some concern. However, in the early stage of our application process, we engage with you in a short “intake” interview, when we ask a series of questions, including “do you have any special requests?” If indeed, you want to pay the security deposit in installments, and there’s an understandable reason why it’s necessary, that’s something that should be mentioned, and that MIGHT be considered.

Can I choose my rent due date?

Sorry. Rent is due on the first, considered delinquent if not received by the end of business on the fifth. Even if a holiday occurs during that five day period, it doesn’t impact the underlying due dates.

NOTE: If you have a specific ADA situation which justifies a “reasonable accommodation” regarding when you pay rent, please communicate with your property manager. We always strive to abide by the various laws that impact resident rights, even if they result in an exception to established rules.

Are there any available low-income tenant programs to help with paying rent and do you accept any of them?

We know of many programs – HUD, VASH, “Section 8” – and we are prepared to work with any or all of them.

^THIS^ is the answer you should expect from ANY California housing provider. In 2020, a statewide law was passed that established that these assistance programs ARE considered “source of income,” which is an FHA-protected class. You should never again receive a blanket “no” in answer to that question.

However, while the simple answer is “yes,” the more complicated answer is that you, as an applicant, must still qualify on your own merits, specifically for those criteria that would not be accounted for by the assistance program. Furthermore, whatever program you’re working with must provide you with very specific documentation that you can then provide to DeDe’s Rentals when you initially submit your rental application. If that documentation is missing, or is not formatted properly, we won’t be able to process your application until and unless it IS provided.

Please contact us if you have questions on this process.

What is the lease term?

Each property, each property owner has established their own lease terms. Some may be classified as month-to-month. Some may be a fixed-term lease of just a few months, or a length of time exceeding a year. The terms of tenancy are usually clearly identified in our marketing information.

However, even for those properties that are classified as “month-to-month,” we’re in search of long-term residents. We don’t intentionally offering short-term rentals of thirty or sixty days. Our clients sometimes classify their rentals as “month-to-month;” that’s a classification made for strategic business reasons, not because we’re marketing a short-term or vacation rental.


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My elderly mother used Dede’s’s Rentals for her properties. We worked mostly with Ana. She is amazing, knowledgeable and very friendly. She makes the experience extremely pleasurable. I highly recommend Dede’s for your property management needs and especially working with Ana!!


Great Vibes! as soon as I walked in thanks to Patricia Ramirez and her welcoming smile! I had some questions on filling out an application, and she was wonderful help with a great attitude!


Not a Resident Yet? How We Can Help Future Residents

We know looking for a new home can be stressful, and we have a process in place to help you navigate the rental market in Santa Rosa and throughout Sonoma County.

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Future Residents

At DeDe’s Rentals, we believe safe, comfortable, and affordable housing can be found, and that good residents with a record of paying rent on time and taking care of their homes are entitled to a great rental home. Visit our available listings, and ask us for help if you’re looking for something in particular. We love helping people move into a new home, and our leasing agents have a lot of information about the local market and neighborhoods.

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What People Are Saying About Us

Nov 4, 2022
Google - Alan - Dede's Rentals
DeDe's has done an excellent job working with my mother's rental house. Keith and staff helped tenants with Fed/CA/SonCo reimbursement programs, to everyone's satisfaction. They do a thorough job of keeping us informed.
Sep 2, 2022
Google - Mike - Dede's Rentals
I have been with DeDe's for many years, their attention to detail, their professionalism, in my experience is second to none.
Jun 5, 2022
Google - Kasilmom - Dede's Rentals
We have been using Dede's Rentals for many years now, and are extremely satisfied with their services. I must say that they have been incredibly responsive during these difficult times in which we find ourselves. Researching new law, propositions, etc. and giving information and suggestions. I would never consider another agency!
Jun 5, 2022
Google - Mary - Dede's Rentals
I have been renting a condo from DeDe's Rentals for 10 years. Whenever there is a problem (which is rare) all I have to do is go to their portal and report what the problem is. It is handled very quickly by reliable and skilled professionals. Actually several years ago the water heater decided to leak profusely and it replaced that evening. The property managers are knowledgeable and very nice as is management. I highly recommend DeDe's Rentals
May 24, 2022
Google - Lee - Dede's Rentals
More than a taquera 😋

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