Client Testimonials

"Anything I can do, they can do better. When you consider all the complicated daily issues they deal with, from finding tenants, to fair housing rules and security deposit accounting, DeDe's Rentals knows the business. Their operating statements are clear and understandable, rental contracts are thorough, and they even handle difficult things that sometimes seem to be necessary, like 3-Day Notices. DeDe's Rentals is thorough and comprehensive!"
- Joe R., client since 1992

"DeDe's Rentals has been managing my triplex for many years. There have been times when difficult tenant issues came up. One problem was so bad that it looked like it was headed for a lawsuit, something seemingly even worse than an eviction. DeDe's negotiated the situation with professionalism, thoroughness and tact. The results were not immediate, but DeDe's got exactly what was needed."
- Lin B, client since 2003

"Owning and managing rental properties has gotten very complicated in recent years, and I haven't kept up. But I don't have to. DeDe's is managing my rental properties. They address everything, including when a tenant leaves. Their process is detailed and fair. Tenants pay for their damages and responsibilities, I pay for the things I should. And when there have been disagreements on deductions taken from security deposits, DeDe's helped negotiate a solution so both my tenant and I were satisfied with the results."
- Tim T, client since 2004

"It's a fair statement that I have either worked with or interviewed every property management company in Sonoma County at one time or another. DeDe's Rentals is the best. Their accounting and reporting is clear and accurate. They tell me everything I need to know about my properties. Keith's knowledge of the business is incredible!"
- Stephen V, client since 2004

"When one of my homes has a vacancy, I call DeDe's, just as I have for the last 25 years. They know the business. They help me decide what steps I need to take to update the property. They tell me what comparable rent values are. They market the property, and find me great tenants. And their rental contracts seem to cover everything!"
- Doug G, tenant placement client since 1988

"I represent a portfolio of investment properties on behalf of eight separate owners, who each hold different ownership interests. DeDe's is able to make sure that each investor gets the specific documentation and data needed to measure individual cash flow and ROI for their assets. Even though each partner has different percentages of ownership, DeDe's accounting and reporting takes that into consideration. They are thorough, knowledgeable and professional."
- Joe P, client since 2009

"My tenants were growing pot in their garage. DeDe's Rentals discovered this when they did one of their periodic visits to the house. When Keith called me to tell me, he also helped me decide on a response. Since DeDe's was managing the property, I agreed to give the tenants a chance. DeDe's supervised and directed everything the tenants had to do to avoid eviction. DeDe's was professional and firm with the tenants, and the garage was returned to its original condition at the tenants' expense. We didn't have any more problems, and the tenants continued to live at the property, pay the rent, and take care of the house the way they were supposed to!"
- David H, client since 2008

"I am extremely satisfied with the manner in which DeDe's Rentals has been managing my property in Rohnert Park. From marketing the property, finding excellent tenants and dealing with maintenance issues, their team has always performed beyond expectations and in a very professional manner. Keith and the DeDe's team really stepped up to handle an extraordinary situation which began as a vague complaint regarding a water leak from my tenant. After a quick response and thorough investigation of the initial issue by Keith and his team, it became apparent that we had a multi-layered and complex problem that would ultimately involve the property adjacent to mine. Keith and his team discovered the problem, negotiated with the tenants, various contractors, my insurance agent, and even my next door neighbor to address the repair quickly and professionally. As an out of state property owner, I understand how important it is have a property management team that you can rely on. DeDe's has proven to be that and more."
- Philip L, client since 2010

"Although I live in Scotland, I never have concerns about my investment half a world away. DeDe's is efficient; with direct deposits and their use of technology, I have access to everything I need, without unnecessary delay. It is a pleasure to deal with such a professional and conscientious office!"
- Ian A, client since 2007

"A big THANK YOU for renting three of our properties so quickly. We were worried that we had three come up at the same time. Thanks to you and your great staff, the process went quickly and smoothly. We know that when you call us with the news that you have found good candidates to choose from, the hard part is over. You have simplified a process that we thought was so complicated!"
- Harry F., tenant placement client since 1996

"I approached DeDe's to manage my triplex many years ago. The decision was a good one. DeDe's has been excellent in finding good tenants, getting the bills paid, finding quality repairmen when needed, and doing management in a most professional way. I highly recommend DeDe's Rentals without reservation."
- Gene B., client since 1988

"My tenants developed "behavioral issues." They wouldn't allow the property manager to do inspections, and we were sure they were up to something they shouldn't have been doing at the property. Even though they were on a lease, DeDe's took charge, and negotiated to get the tenants out promptly. When they did move out, they left behind a lot of items that needed to be fixed. DeDe's took care of everything: they turned the property, dealt with the security deposit accounting, and even convinced the tenants to "make good" on expenses that were in excess of their security deposit!"
- William O, client since 2011

"Your firm has been handling our six rentals since 2003. I wanted to say how satisfied we are with your service. We have had three other firms in the past and none have compared with your service. Even the tenants have commended on the service, timely responses to repair calls save me money by promptly addressing damages such as leaky sinks, and tenants appreciate this. Your staff, from accounts payable to maintenance, are pleasant and efficient, I seldom have to wait for anything. My accountant has commented on the accuracy and detail of year-end reports, which again save me money!"
- Robert B., client since 2003

"I was just going through my owner activity statement. My wife also has a property manager for her property in Arizona, and he sends out statements that are incomprehensible; you do not. Everything you folks do is first-rate, and I very much appreciate it."
- Todd H. client since 2004

"I would like to express my satisfaction with the way DeDe's Rentals was able to find renters for my Santa Rosa property in a timely manner. I found your service to be very professional in every capacity, and felt like you were able to give me the personal attention that isn't very common these days in the business world. The quality of the tenants you found me truly exceeded my expectations."
- Hakam J., client since 2008